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Welcome to the home of the 'Re-Animation Approach™'

We provide training and workshops using animation in therapy, medicine and community arts practice to support engagement in treatment, reduction of anxiety and to promote ill health prevention.

We are a company with social aims set up following a substantial investment provided by the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA). The Re-Animation Approach™ was developed by consultant occupational therapist Helen Mason as a way of incorporating both mental and physical health into her clinical practice, enhancing communication and promoting meaningful participation in treatment/service user engagement.

The gold standard

The approach is now used world-wide by doctors, psychologists, therapists, nurses, counselors, and community artists (inc: occupational therapy assistants). Techniques can be used with people of any age from birth up to end of life and with a wide variety of conditions. Techniques can also be used for relaxation and self help at home.

There are three ways in which our Re-Animaton Approach™ tecnhiques can be used:

In Therapy

To assist professionals to engage with what is meaningful for a person in a faster time then purely 'talking based' approaches. Our unique approach and activity matrix enables you to pitch your intervention at the right level for the people you are working with, exploring what matters to them and their level of function (strengths) by coming alongside them using a motivating and easily adapted activity.

In medicine / health / residential homes

Animation can be used to reduce anxiety prior to medical procedures or as a distraction during long medical stays in hospital. By animating with the service user and family/friends, staff can also connect with what is interesting and meaningful to that person and begin therapeutic conversations which enable a better connection with the person or group you are working with.

In community arts / our studio / vocational rehab

Our professional studio 'Seen and Heard Studio' creates affordable animation created by BAFTA winning and BAFTA nominated animators. We offer high standard animation for affordable prices to support charities and organisations (including NHS and private healthcare providers) who want to use animation to prevent ill health or to challenge perceptions of health (for example challenging stigma associated with some health conditions).

We also offer training and consultancy in using animation to support vocational rehabilitation.  Check our our vocational rehab case study on our research page!


Our Team

  • Helen Mason

    Helen Mason

    Founder, CEO

  • Jon Wilks

    Jon Wilks

    Associate board

  • Sally Goodsell

    Sally Goodsell

    Associate board

  • Dr Roderick Warren

    Dr Roderick Warren

    Associate Board

  • Liz Harkman

    Liz Harkman

    Associate Board

  • Dr Jennifer Creek

    Dr Jennifer Creek

    Advisors (Therapy)

  • Rosemary Kingham

    Rosemary Kingham

    Advisors (Therapy)

  • Prof Joan Ashworth

    Prof Joan Ashworth

    Advisors (Animation)

  • Maria Hopkinson Hassell

    Maria Hopkinson Hassell

    Advisor/workshop facilitator

  • Kari Nygaard

    Kari Nygaard

    Workshop facilitator

  • Becalelis Brodskids

    Becalelis Brodskids

    Workshop Tutor/Producer

  • Sandra Salter

    Sandra Salter

    Animation director

  • Em Cooper

    Em Cooper

    Animation director

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