Animation Therapy offers health professionals pioneering inter-disciplinary therapeutic opportunities using the medium of animation to work with issues affecting families, adults, young adults and children.

We care deeply about evidence based practice and exploring research into the therapeutic use of activity in therapy, medicine and ill health prevention/community work.

This page contains papers, case studies and test films developed by Re-Animation practitioners and associates. Further information, advice and a reading list are provided on our courses.

Psychiatrists and social workers from TPO Uganda are currently working on case studies documenting their work implemented the Re-Animation Approach into their practice with South Sudanese refugees attending War Child's child friendly spaces, accessing treatment and help by TPO Uganda. Mason, Creek and Brodskis worked together adapting the Re-Animation Approach Level One training program for use in Uganda with cross generations, using a variety of languages and differing trauma needs. Creek and Brodskids traveled out to Uganda to deliver the training to TPO staff in Gulu town as well as visiting the child friendly spaces.

The project is being evaluated by Professor Rachel Tribe of The University of East London the results will be published in 2017.

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Creek's occuptional therapy in mental health 5th Edition.

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CHILDSPLA: a collaboration between children and researchers to design and animate health states.

Abrines Jaume, N.; Abbiss, M.; Wray, J.; Ashworth, J.; Brown, K.L.; Cairns, J.;
Child Care Health Dev, 2015;

Creative recovery conference paper: Helen Mason 2013

and ENOTHE 2013

Northampton Creative recovery conference. Dr Julie Walters, Helen Mason, Dr Jennifer Creek, Dr Wendy Sherwood (2013)

Creative recovery

Linstead, H and Brooks, R (2015) A Mixed Methods Study of the Re-Animation Approach within a Forensic Mental Health Setting. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: a journal of psychosocial practice and research, 31 (4). pp. 402-420. ISSN 1541-3101

Helen Mason, (2011) "The re‐animation approach: animation and therapy", Journal of Assistive Technologies, Vol. 5 Iss: 1, pp.40 - 42

In 2010 Helen Mason worked was comissioned by Joan Ashworth at the RCA to develop a lecture for MA animation students regarding systemic thinking, family and the use of animated documentary (both watching and creating animation) as part of therapy. Several projects arose from this session including Comfort Arthur's work looking at her experience of growing up with her father in Ghana. Here is her student film 'Red' which was developed in consultation with Ashworth and Mason.

Mason and Ashworth are interested in animated documentary and its potential use in narrative and visual forms of therapy. The use of animated documentary techniques in therapy was discussed with students as part of this visiting lecture.

RED Comfort Arthur

Conference Paper · June 2010Ashworth,J Mason,H
Conference: Society of Animation Studies, Edinburgh, 2010


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Test films/techniques for use in therapy practice created as part of the Animation in Therapy Project.


Kawa River

Sand Tray

Richard's Story

Families from the Exeter area were invited to participate in animation workshops led by film maker Kari Nygaard and occupational therapist Helen Mason.  Each family were offered the opportunity to participate in unique animation workshop experiences. The sessions were recorded and reflected on by the Animation in Therapy project team, enabling team members to draw out techniques which could be useful within therapeutic practice.

Focussed group interviews for the adults and children were conducted to draw out themes which captured participants experience of engaging in the workshops.

Following the family animation workshop, project animator Kari Nygaard and occupational therapist Helen Mason developed the first draft of the animation toolkit resource.  The Animation Therapy team went on to put together a six-week training programme to train therapists in using animation in their clinical practice.

The final version of the animation toolkit can be downloaded for free from our Shop.



3D The Race

Mason, H (2009) Dare to Dream: The use of animation in occupational therapy: . Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: a journal of psychosocial practice and research. Vol 14 issue 3 p111 to 115.

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Animating Hands

Creek ot in mental health

11 rachel rich eman jen

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Creative recovery

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Fantastic Folay!