The Family Animation project (NESTA 2009)

Families from the Exeter area were invited to participate in animation workshops led by film maker Kari Nygaard and occupational therapist Helen Mason.  Each family were offered the opportunity to participate in unique animation workshop experiences. The sessions were recorded and reflected on by the Animation in Therapy project team, enabling team members to draw out techniques which could be useful within therapeutic practice.

Focussed group interviews for the adults and children were conducted to draw out themes which captured participants experience of engaging in the workshops.

Following the family animation workshop, project animator Kari Nygaard and occupational therapist Helen Mason developed the first draft of the animation toolkit resource.  The Animation Therapy team went on to put together a six-week training programme to train therapists in using animation in their clinical practice.

The final version of the animation toolkit can be downloaded for free from our Shop.



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